Animal Technical Rescue Technician - ATRT0042

Brief Description
Animal Technical Rescue Awareness
Full Description
This course provides the knowledge and understanding of skills and resources necessary to respond to a ATR incident as a single incident, or as a component of large scale disaster involving large and small animal and human elements, and to do so in a safe and effective manner, with low impact on ongong emergency services operations.

This course also meets and exceeds NFPA 1670 Chapter 17.1 - 17.2 guidelines and covers the most likely animal species that first responders are called to rescue and manage: cattle (beef and dairy), horses, including working horses (police mounts, SAR), companion animals and working dogs (SAR, K-9).
Training Dates
05/13/2023 - 05/14/2023
16h 0m
None Specified
Training Location
North Valley Animal Disaster Group
80 Independence Cir
Chico, CA  95973
Resources Required
See Course Plan located on the SFT website:
Reporting Instructions
None Specified

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